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By using Wind Closing Device to solve the dust problem of sawdust dryer machine

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Sawdust dryer is widely used for drying sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, etc.  Sawdust dryer machine has ideal drying equipment for sawdust. 

In the sawdust drying process, there will be some fine dust (fine sawdust powder), feeding and other issues, leading to sawdust scraped away. But when the sawdust dryer added wind closing device (air shutter) , the problem of raising dust and material escaping problem are all solved.

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We install the air shutter (wind closing device) directly at the outlet or cyclone dust separator of the sawdust dryer machine without changing the drying equipment, which is very convenient. When the sawdust dryer discharges, under the action of the draft fan, the material escaping problems often occurs. After adding the wind closing device (air shutter), the material moving speed can slow down and be evenly discharged from the outlet. After a long-term practical effect, it can be seen that the equipment has stable operation effect.

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