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Installation sequence of sawdust dryer Machine

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Sunco Machinery sawdust dryer is energy-saving, environment-friendly, zero-emission, high-efficiency, and uses intelligent drying system for automatic temperature control.

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Installation sequence  of sawdust dryer system should follow instructions:

First of all, we need to do a good job of preparation before the overall installation of sawdust dryer, which is mainly to prepare the concrete foundation according to foundationd drawing, while all the parts and tools such as welding machine, forklift, gas cutting machine,etc used in installation should be ready.

Secondly, pay attention to the installation sequence of sawdust dryer system in the installation process. The installation sequence is related to the final installation effect of the equipment. During installation, attention should be paid to keeping the whole machine horizontal and vertical to the ground. In addition, attention should be paid to the installation of the base and the various locations of the dryer cylinder and the spacing between the components. Do some welding work well, and ensure that each equipment is installed in the specific location of the installation molding.

When installing the gear of sawdust dryer machine, we need to pay attention to the installation effect of the gear and cylinder surface, do a good job of gear debugging, and keep the gear surface clean and free of foreign bodies.

When installing, the sawdust dryer should finish the work well. At the end, mainly should pay attention to the grouting requirement in the foundation construction, which meets the relevant standards of the construction industry. 

Finally, the debugging of the whole sawdust dryer machine needs professional technicians to test the machine on site, so as to have a good operation status and installation results of the whole sawdust drying plant.

Regarding to the Sawdust dryer, wood chips dryer, straw dryer, hay dryer, etc, if have problems please feel free to consult Sunco Machinery technicians, we will assit you to solve them for you in time.

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