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How to Reduce Fuel Consumption of Sawdust Dryer Machine ?

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Nowadays, the society is advocating energy saving and emission reduction. As a manufacturer engaged in dryer equipment manufacturing for many years, Sunco Machinery are also making continuous efforts to produce more energy-saving and environmental protection advantages of sawdust drying equipment. The cost of using the equipment is reduced, and the benefit is our users. 

Today Sunco Machinery will share with you how to reduce the fuel cost of the small sawdust dryer.

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Coal is generally used as heat source in rotary dryers. To reduce the cost of coal use, it is necessary to ensure full combustion of coal. The size of coal particle, the thickness of coal seam and the amount of air influx all affect whether the coal is fully burned or not.

The first is the size of pulverized coal. The finer the particle size of pulverized coal, the larger the contact area with air and the fuller the combustion of pulverized coal. Through many experiments, it is found that the combustion of pulverized coal is the fullest when the particle size of pulverized coal is controlled at about 0.05 mm.
Then the thickness of the coal seam. Coal seam thickness should also be controlled within an appropriate range. When the thickness of coal seam is relatively thin, the ventilation rate in burner is relatively large, but the wind speed is not uniform, which may lead to the occurrence of Phoenix in coal seam, which is not conducive to the full combustion of pulverized coal. Generally, the thickness of coal seam is controlled at about 150 mm, and the combustion of pulverized coal is relatively sufficient.

Finally, the amount of air blowing into the burner. As the medium of pulverized coal combustion, the amount of air injected should also be determined according to the amount of material. When the thickness of coal seam is large, in order to ensure full combustion, the more air needed to be injected. On the contrary, it reduces air inflow.

Besides the importance of coal quality, the structure and internal layout of sawdust dryer play a key role in reducing fuel.

The amount of sawdust dried is also critical. The amount of sawdust used in use is treated according to the correct amount of sawdust. The higher the heat consumed in the drying process, the greater the amount of fuel used. The lower the moisture content, the lower the heat consumption in the drying process, the smaller the fuel usage.

Then there is the problem of the form and structure of sawdust dryer. At present, there are three barrels of sawdust dryer and one barrel of sawdust dryer. Its processing capacity is different, and the amount of fuel consumed is also different, so we need to pay special attention to it. Pay attention to the type of dryer in the selection.

Finally, while drying sawdust, and when choosing the size and type of drying equipment, the larger the sawdust dryer, the better the overall drying effect of the equipment, drying the same amount of sawdust, the lower the fuel required. In this way, we need to pay attention to the relationship between the cylinder size and the number of wood chips dried in order to save fuel consumption.

Drying sawdust machine is a kind of industrial production with high energy consumption, and adopting effective ways to reduce fuel consumption can effectively reduce the amount of fuel used in production and reduce the overall use to low energy consumption.

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