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Key Points for Technological Improvement of Sawdust Dryer

Time:2019年07月29日      Hits:

In the new year, Sunco Machinery plan to increase the scale, update the technology of sawdust dryer machine and the use of the whole parts, especially in the technical process and the structure design of sawdust dryer, and make significant improvements and innovations, so that customers can use it more smoothly.

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In the aspect of Sunco Machinery sawdust dryer, the main improvement points are as follows: 

1. Electrical control automation of sawdust dryer machine

Sawdust dryer will use the most advanced technology and technology from abroad, and carry out automatic management of the sawdust dryer equipment, increasing its safety factor and control diversity.

2. Environmental protection and energy saving upgrade of sawdust dryer: 

Sawdust drying opportunities in the original energy-saving basis to increase innovative design concepts, to achieve higher energy-saving and environmental protection concepts.

3. Improvement of material drying efficiency and product quality: 

Sawdust rotary dryer increases the use of heat sources, and makes corresponding adjustments to heat dissipation, so that material drying efficiency is higher and product quality is better.

4. Rotary Sawdust dryer structure design innovation: 

More safe and stable operation, and the advanced inner structure help to contact and heat the wet wood powder sufficiently.

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