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How to ensure the smooth feeding of sawdust dryer ?

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Sawdust drying needs to be in a specific environment, in which sawdust is firstly transported to the relevant sawdust drying equipment. For sawdust of different drying quantities and different sizes of equipment, the amount of material put into sawdust is extremely important. At the same time, it needs to effectively ensure sawdust continuous material and smooth material delivery.

In modern sawdust and sawdust processing industry, sawdust dryer feeding can take many forms, such as chute, screw conveyor, electromagnetic vibration feeder, belt conveyor, and other materials of different properties. In production, need to pay special attention to the configuration of the relevant sawdust dryer machine, for different methods of use, it presents different effects.

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Pay attention to the size of wood chips, sawdust before feeding. Check whether the size of wood chips and sawdust is too large, the volume is too large in the process of transportation or feeding, or the problem of blockage caused by the inability to feed, which leads to the phenomenon of material breakage in sawdust dryer. If the bulk of the material to be dried is large, it needs to be crushed or sorted out.

Temperature control in production should be appropriate. Relative amount of sawdust should be paid attention to. The specific output of different amount of sawdust is different, and the sawdust drying process will also be affected differently.

In production, it is important to pay attention to the phenomenon of wood chips, sawdust breakage, and to the temperature in the relevant cylinder. Attention should be paid to the operation status in production, the appropriate amount of sawdust should be put in, practical adjustments should be made when necessary, and the quantity of materials should be adjusted.

Through the above different production needs, we need to pay special attention to the actual production, we need to pay attention to the number of sawdust drying in production, specific environment and drying problems. To ensure that wood chips dryer for sawdust is not prone to material breakage. Specific dryer model selection and production requirements timely contact our technical staff to help you.

According to the past experience, the belt conveyor is the most suitable sawdust feeding machine for the sawdust dryer machine, and it can evenly send the wet sawdut into the sawdust rotary dryer continuously without the stuck problems.

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