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Maintenance of sawdust dryer

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Sawdust is small wood particles and powders produced by people when sawing wood. In general, there are more than ten tons of sawdust produced every day in wood processing factories, which are usually piled up in mountains, placed in weathering and mildew, waste resources, cause pollution and damage to the environment. 

In recent years, some people have studied and developed the use of sawdust to replace the coal and oil fuels of boilers. Sawdust is sprayed into the combustion chamber of boilers to burn. The heat generated by sawdust is equivalent to that of boilers burning ordinary coal, and the cost is only 1/2 of that of coal burning. The smoke and dust discharged from sawdust are much less than that from coal burning. The economic effect is remarkable. It is conducive to environmental protection, energy saving and enterprise production. Therefore, sawdust boilers are widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in Guangdong and Guangxi.

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The birth of sawdust dryer doubled the value of sawdust utilization.

The sawdust dryer equipment manufactured by Sunco Machinery is widely praised by the users all over the country in the market. In order to meet the needs of the users and produce various types of products, the company shares with the users how to maintain and maintain the equipment today:

01. The fan of small sawdust dryer works 1000 hours, bearing lubrication should be added. Fat, fasten the fixed screw of fan,

02. Regularly maintain the wiring in the sawdust drying equipment, the wiring insulation should be replaced in time, the wiring joints should be tightened without falling off or loosening, the furnace and heat exchanger assembly should be maintained regularly, the oxide and dust should be removed, the water of emergency water tank should be replaced regularly and cleaned up. 

03. Spray holes, prevent clogging, instrument and instrument should be regularly calibrated, moving parts should be regularly filled with lubricating oil or grease, 

04. If sawdust drying equipment is used in high temperature and humidity environment for a long time, the anti-rust paint in oven and host body will fall off or fail, regularly remove rust and add anti-rust paint to protect metal surface. This is the case. 

Pay attention to the maintenance of sawdust rotary dryer in peacetime, can make the function of efficient sawdust dryer play a better role, fully reflect the strong drying effect in the whole sawdust drying process, truly achieve zero pollution emissions, better for customers to bring significant drying effect.

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