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Upgrading Method of Sawdust Dryer Efficiency

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Some Upgrading Method of Sawdust Dryer Efficiency are as follows:

1. Enhance ventilation:

The belt drive is between the fan and the motor of the sawdust dryer. The original speed ratio is 1:1, and for example, if the diameter of the pulley is 200 mm. Now the diameter of the motor pulley is increased to 250 mm, which improves the speed of the fan, increases the amount of exhaust air, and makes the flue gas and water vapor discharged in time.

2. Improve the sealing device of head and tail:
The tail temperature of the wood powder dryer machine is about 70 centigrade, and the radial deformation of the cylinder is not large. Therefore, the tail sealing type adopts the spring leaf weight hammer tension and compression type to ensure the sealing of the tail of the sawdust drying machine. The head temperature of sawdust dryer is as high as 400-500 centigrade, so we adopt a labyrinth sealing device which can compensate for the axial and radial expansion. The compensating connection plate and the cylinder body are tangentially distributed and are joined and welded by bolts, and the expansion ring is joined by bolts. After expansion, the inner seal ring rotates, and the width of the expansion ring is wider than that of the inner seal ring, so that the axial direction can be compensated more. The inner diameter of the inner seal ring should be tightly controlled with the diameter of the expansion ring.
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3. Adding Air Locking Device:
A heavy hammer type turning valve was added to the feed chute of the sawdust dryer, and a double heavy hammer type turning valve was added to the cyclone dust collector. This can effectively avoid the inhalation of cold air, and avoid air leakage failure of sawdust drying machine.

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