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Importance of Reasonable Arrangement of Hot Air Pipeline of Sawdust Dryer Machine

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Whether the design of hot air pipe of sawdust dryer machine is reasonable or not, it is directly related to the efficiency of waste heat utilization, air distribution and waste gas dust removal in the whole sawdust drying system. 
Therefore, the determination of the diameter of hot air duct, the calculation of resistance and heat loss of air duct, the connection of elbow, air duct, expansion joint and the relationship between the setting of valve and fan should be taken seriously.
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1. To determine the diameter of the sawdust rotary dryer, the first consideration is that the wind speed in the pipe must be higher than the minimum flow rate of the material, that is, the flow rate can not make the dust deposit in the pipe. If dust deposition occurs, the pipe section will be reduced and the wind speed will be increased until there is no new dust deposition.
At this time, the pipe diameter under the balance can be measured reasonably. The determination of the minimum flow rate mainly depends on the nature of dust and the inclination of the pipeline itself. 
Of course, the higher the flow rate in the pipeline, the better. Excessive flow rate can reduce the weight of pipeline and save capital investment, but it can increase pressure loss, energy consumption and wear of pipeline wall. Generally, the wind speed of horizontal pipeline is about 18m/s, and the inclined pipeline can be larger. 
In addition, when the gas temperature is higher or the air pressure is lower, the resistance of the pipeline decreases, and the intake velocity can be increased appropriately.

2. The thickness of duct wall should be suitable, especially wear resistance should be considered when conveying dusty gas. For the position with high negative pressure and no lining, not only the steel plate should be slightly thicker, but also the inner reinforcement ring, otherwise it will be sucked.

In one word, the sawdust dryer machine is one whole drying system, only when all the related parts such as air pipe, air flow, air pressure, heat input, drying time, etc are achieve one balance, then the sawdust drying system can have better work performance with less fuel consumption.

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