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How to deal with the burnout of the motor of sawdust dryer

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The emergence of sawdust dryer equipment has rapidly increased the value of wood processing and utilization, and provided great convenience for the development of the industry. 

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But there are also potential safety hazards. The most important thing is that once the motor of the sawdust dryer machine is burned out, the equipment will stop running. The motor is the main electric power to maintain the sawdust dryer operation. Damage to the motor will bring extremely inconvenient maintenance problems to the overall operation process of the rotary sawdust dryer. Therefore, we should timely carry out motor maintenance, the best way is to fundamentally solve such problems.

Different types of small sawdust dryers have different motor usage standards. Generally, before the motor of the dryer is opened, we need to carry out the size of resistance, when the electricity is applied.

When the sawdust drying machine stops running for a period of time, it is easy to get damp. At this time, the mechanical strength of the insulating paint between turns is very low, and it is easy to be damaged after vibration. After damp, the insulation performance of the damaged insulating paint decreases greatly. 

At this time, even if the voltage is very low, it will cause discharges, which will result in the shock of insulating material. After wearing, the turn-to-turn short circuit will be formed, which will cause the motor to burn out. 

We can see that the cause of motor burnout is that we do not protect the motor enough, and that the quality of the motor itself may have problems. 

When the motor burns out, how do we deal with it? Here we have three steps for you to elaborate:

First, first of all, we can do temperature rise test on the burnt motor core. If it can not meet the test requirements, we can take the core apart and re-coat the insulating paint. At the same time, attention should be paid to check whether the core is loose or not. If it is loose, tightening measures must be taken.

Secondly, when the iron core of the motor is off-line and dipped in paint, it should be carried out strictly according to the technological requirements. When winding, yarn wrap shaping coil should be used to strengthen inter-turn insulation and avoid high inter-turn potential caused by inter-turn crossover.

Thirdly, after finishing, it is installation work. When installing sawdust dryer , it is necessary to correct and adjust it. If abnormal vibration of generator is found in operation, the cause should be found and dealt with in time. Avoid damage caused by excessive vibration of insulators, which will eventually cause the motor to burn down again.

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