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How to Control Dust Dispersion of Wood Sawdust Dryer ?

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Harm of dust from wood sawdust dryer:

One of the disadvantages of wood sawdust dryer is that it pollutes the atmosphere, and the other is that it endangers human health. In many wood sawdust dryers, no matter how mature the technology is, the treatment of dust has always been a headache. 

Many friends who choose our products often ask us how to deal with the dust in the process of drying. How to operate the dryer to reduce the dust? In the context of economic and environmental protection, this issue is now of daily importance.

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1. Sealing control of wood sawdust dryer. It can be partially sealed, integrally sealed or sealed chambers, etc. The dust production point can be sealed with a sealing cover, which can greatly reduce the material scattering and dust raising.

2. Eliminate the height potential energy difference of wood sawdust dryer. This is the main reason for dust spillover. Eliminating height potential energy difference is caused by powder drop in hopper, protective cover and chute of handling equipment. The drop should be reduced as far as possible, and the inclination of chute chute should be reduced. It is better to create negative pressure in some closed rooms, so as to facilitate dust collection.

3. Use transport equipment with good sealing performance to reduce the height difference and inclination of unloading logistics, and set up flow separation facilities as far as possible. It not only enhances the flexible and efficient configuration of each operation room, but also reduces the scattering and dust.

4. Utilize the exhaust system. In order to avoid more pollution caused by dust, it is also possible to remove indoor dust through the exhaust system, that is, to remove indoor exhaust gas.

It is necessary to control dust diffusion when using wood sawdust drying machine. This can not only reduce dust pollution and create a safe and sanitary working environment, but also collect dust centrally. It will not make dust gather in the sawdust rotary dryer and cause blockage, thus affecting normal use.

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