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Dust removal of sawdust dryer and its significance

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Dust removal system is the basic supporting equipment for the development of sawdust dryer

It can effectively control the dust gas released by sawdust dryer in the working process. 

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The dust removal system of sawdust dryer machine protects the ecological environment from pollution. At the same time, the combination of dust removal equipment can indirectly improve the output capacity of our sawdust dryer

In order to increase the output capacity of sawdust dryer per hour, a certain negative pressure should be guaranteed at the feeding end. The high temperature gas produced by the combustion furnace should be sucked into the dryer in time, so that it can exchange heat with the drying material quickly and discharge it in time so as to reduce the concentration of exhaust gas in the body as much as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying of sawdust. 

Bag dedusting is generally used for drying and dedusting. Although the original cyclone dedusting and electrostatic dedusting have good ventilation effect, the concentration of dust discharged generally falls short of GB4915-2004 Air Pollutant Discharge Standard for Cement Industry. 

When the bag filter of sawdust dryer machine works, the dust-containing gas passes through the filter bag, the fine gas molecules pass through the filter cloth void with dust layer, and the large particles of dust are blocked through, and fall to the ash hopper due to gravity sedimentation.
When the dust on the surface of the filter cloth becomes thicker and thicker, the resistance increases and the void decreases, it is difficult for the airflow to pass through, and the dust layer accumulates to a certain extent. It is necessary to clean the filter bag by various ash-cleaning methods.

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