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Heat Exchange Process in the cyclinder of Wood Sawdust Dryer

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Wood powder dryer, also known as sawdust dryer, is heated and dried by heat exchange. 

There are many ways of heating in wood powder dryer. In this article, the commonly used way of heat exchange, is analyzed. Convection heating is the most common way to dry granular, radial or pasty materials. The heat is supplied by hot air or other gas flowing through the surface of the material flow or through the material layer, while the evaporation moisture is carried away by the drying medium. 

Air (the most commonly used medium), inert gas (such as N2 used when wet material is divided into organic solvents), direct combustion gas or superheated steam (or solvent vapor) can be used as heating medium of convective drying system.

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In the production process of wood powder dryer, the steam pipe hot air system mainly heates the radiator pipe wall by steam, and then transfers heat to the cold and wet air by the pipe wall. After the steam in the pipe emits gasification heat, it will form condensate water, and then discharges. Nowadays, many manufacturers choose seamless steel pipe to weld themselves into a row of tube radiators, and the effect is better in use. If the radiator is coated with far-infrared paint, or aluminum series convective heat dissipation, this can reduce the thermal efficiency. When choosing the steam pipe system to heat the drying room, the effect is better. We need to discharge condensate water in time, otherwise it will be stored in the radiator, which will not only reduce the heat dissipation area, but also affect the normal operation of drying equipment, and even aggravate the rust of pipes. Because of this, the steam outlet of the radiator will be equipped with a trap, the main function is to separate water from air.

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