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Good Maintenance can make the sawdust dryer machine more durable

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Sawdust dryer is mainly used for drying wood powder, sawdust, etc. It is a necessary equipment in wood plastic industry. Because of the particularity of sawdust, it is light in weight, flammable and explosive. 

Sunco Machinery has developed a special air-flow dryer for wood flour with high drying speed, high drying intensity and short residence time, based on many years of theoretical research and engineering practice. The equipment is widely used for drying sawdust, sawdust, rice husk powder, straw powder, alfalfa powder, particles, straw, cassava residue, pasture, marigold, alcohol grains, distiller's grains, ginkgo leaves, Chinese herbal medicine and other materials. Through continuous improvement, the sawdust dryer specially developed by our company is ahead of other similar products in temperature control technology. It has solved the "bridge" phenomenon in the process of sawdust feeding and discharging and the burning problem caused by excessive temperature in the sawdust drying process.

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For the sawdust dryer which has been used for a long time, how to reduce the loss and improve the work efficiency in unit time is a subject that the sawdust dryer manufacturers have been studying for many years and need to break through.Sunco Machinery, after a lot of practical summary and effective experiments in the market, has made the following summary for reducing the loss:

1. Before the sawdust dryer starts to operate, check the breakage, flexibility and lubricity of each component, and then start to operate when everything is normal.

2. Sawdust dryer should always pay attention to the change of temperature and lubricity of the equipment in the process of operation. Once there is a need to cool the equipment of wood flour dryer or add lubricant immediately.

3. Feeder should run at a uniform speed, not too little, not too much, too little will reduce the productivity of equipment, too much will cause equipment blockage or direct loss of equipment.

4. The loosening of the screw of sawdust dryer equipment will cause unexpected consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly whether the bolts are firm or not, and how about the wear level of the wearable parts.

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