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Preparations for sawdust drying machine before start-up

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The sawdust drying machine has good performance. The sawdust drying machine can work continuously and uninterruptedly. The dust removal rate of simple operation and environmental protection reaches 99%. Finally, the Sunco Machinery  sawdust dryer saves electricity, the total power of the motor is low, and the manpower is saved. Compared with the traditional rotary sawdust dryer, it has fewer operators and less consumption of heat source fuel.

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Preparations for sawdust dryer before start-up:

First of all, the sawdust dryer is indispensable for ash cleaning, hot blast stove dust cleaning, to prevent waste clogging vents, delaying material combustion, on the feeder, dryer inlet and outlet port cleaning, to prevent excessive impurities with the material into the drum, affecting the drying effect of wood chips. Secondly, regularly inspect the main body and accessories of the dryer to see whether there are deformation, cracks, wear and tear, breakage and other phenomena, such as: dryer supporting wheel, large ring gear, motor gear, etc., check whether the supporting wheel and belt, ring gear and gear have dislocation, whether enough lubrication, etc. 

Finally, check the electrical control system, temperature, air pressure instruments, etc. The main check cabinet is whether there is loosening, coke, falling off at the wiring, check whether the instrument is normal reading, prevent the production of the instrument failure, unable to know the real-time temperature, air pressure, affecting sawdust drying or safety accidents.

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