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Saw Dust Flash Drying Machine

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Saw Dust Flash Drying Machine can reduce the sawdust's moisture content from 50% to 8%. Saw Dust Flash Drying Machine also is called airflow sawdust dryer.

Saw Dust Flash Drying Machine is widely used to dry the sawdust in wood pellets/wood briquettes production field.

When making wood pellets or wood briquettes, the sawdust must be in 8%-15% moisture content. Actually,  this moisture content of your sawdust will be a little higher or lower. Too high moisture content in your sawdust will make your production failed, and then the wood pellets or wood briquette will be in low density and easy to be broken.

Saw Dust Flash Drying Machine, Airflow Sawdust dryer

For the small capacity drying of sawdust, the Saw Dust Flash Drying Machine is very suitable. Saw Dust Flash Drying Machine mainly consist of air heater, feeder machine, air drying tube, cyclone separator, high pressure induced draft fan, etc.

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