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How to suggest the suitable sawdust dryer ?

Time:2014年09月02日      Hits:

In order to design one set suitable sawdust dryer machine, what information is needed for the technical people.

1- What is the initial moisture content (%) of the wet sawdust ?

2- What is the bulk density ( kg per cubic meter ) of the wet sawdust ?

3- What is the output moisture content (%) of the dried sawdust ?

4- What is the input capacity (t/h) of the sawdust dryer that you need ?

5- What kind of fuel will you prefer to use, such as coal, waste wood, diesel, natural gas, etc ?

Once we get your reply to our above questions, Sunco Machinery engineer will design the sawdust drying machine for you soon. Please email to suncomachinery@hotmail.com .

If the customers can use the waste hot air from the local power plant, Sunco Machinery engineer also can help to design and supply the reasonable sawdust drying system accordingly, and help the customers to save the fuel consumption.

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