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Why Sunco Machinery not suggest to use the flash type dryer for drying sawdust ?

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In this article Sunco Machinery will explian to you "Why not suggest to use the flash type dryer for drying sawdust ?"

The flash type dryer also is called airflow tube type dryer as the belwo picture.

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The flash type dryer is old technology which can be used to dry the low initial moisture content sawdust with small capacity. When the moisture content of the wet sawdust is high, for example 40%, then the flash type dryer can not dry the wet sawdust to the needed output moisture content one time.

What is the real reason ?

Firstly, the working principle of the flash type dryer is as follows: 

At the end of the flash type dryer, there is one draft fan. Under the function of the draft fan, make the hot air and sawdust into the pipe, and the pipe is empty. 

The hot air speed shoule be about 20-25 m/s which means that the sawdust moving speed is also about this speed. It means that the drying time in the pipe is very short, and only about 8-10 seconds, and then the hot air is not used sufficiently and will goes into the atmosphere, and it is a waste of fuel.

Also as the drying time is short, the sawdust is not heated by the hot air enough in the pipe, thus by drying one time we can not get the needed output moisture content.

If use the flash type dryer to dry the sawdust for small capacity and small initial moisture content, it would be possible.

In order to have a stable capacity and output moisture content, Sunco Machinery do not suggest the type flash dryer for drying the sawdust.

Sunco Machinery suggest you to use the rotary drum dryer as below for drying the saw dust.

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At the end of the rotary dryer system there is one draft fan,and this draft fan mainly is used to make the hot air into the dryer drum. The hot air speed inside the dryer drum is about 2-3 m/s, and on the inner wall of the dryer drum there are many welded lifting plates. These lifting plates make the swdust up and down again and again, and move forward to the outlet of the dryer drum.

The sawdust drying time inside the dryer drum is about 10-15 minutes, and it can be adjusted by change the rotation speed of the sawdust dryer drum. Thus the hot air can heat the wet sawdust sufficiently, and also we can use the heat sufficiently, and one time we can get the output moisture content less tha 15% dried sawdust.

For the sawdust rotary drum dryer, we can supply the single pass rotary drum dryer, and triple pass rotary drum dryer according to your actual situation.

If you are iunterested to our Rotary Drum Dryer for drying the sawdust, please feel free to contact us at the email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com 

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