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Small Sawdust Drying Machine

Time:2015年11月29日      Hits:

Small Sawdust Drying Machine by Sunco Machinery can be used to process 1000 kilograms wet sawdust with input moisture content about 40-50% per hour, and the final output moisture content can be 13%-15% which is suitable to produce the high quality wood biomass pellet.

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Not like the simple type airflow pipe type sawdust dryer which can not dry the wet sawdust to be moisture content 13-15% one time directly, the small sawdust dryer by Sunco Machinery has the advantages as follows:

1. One time to dry the wet sawdust to be needed moisture content 13%-15%;

2. Adjsuted drying time:

  • By adjusting the rotation speed of the small sawdust dryer to control the sawdust moving time and drying time inside the sawdust dryer drum.

  • Special inner mixing device of the small sawdust dryer make the wet sawdust as disperse as possible, and to be heated by the hot drying air evenly and sufficiently.

  • The wet sawdust come to the high temperature zone two times.

  • The whols sawdust drying system avoid the ambient air into the dryer, thus the heat efficiency is higher.

  • Wide fule adoption, can use the waste wood, sawdust, coal, diesel, natural gas, etc as fuel.

Small sawdust dryer mainly are for the customers who are greenhand in the sawdust drying field whose budget may is limited, in order to help the customer to be successfully in this business, Sunco Machinery supply the very reasonable design and competitive price in the market.

If you have the plan to begin one small capacity sawdust drying project, please feel free to contact us at: suncomachinery@hotmail.com   for more detailed information about the small sawdust dryer machine.

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