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Quartz Sand Dryer for drying silica sand, river sand

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Quartz Sand Dryer Machine is developed from rotary dryer, and it is specially designed for drying silica sand, river sand, etc.

Quartz sand dryer, also called as quartz sand rotary dryer, is mainly used to dry materials with a certain humidity and granularity. It can dry all kinds of quartz sand, ore powder, limestone, coal powder, clay, yellow sand, foundry sand, metal concentration and tailings in building materials, metallurgy, chemistry and cement industry.

Quartz sand dryer or silica sand dryer has advantages like big processing capacity, wide application range, small resistance, big flexibility in functioning and convenient operation etc. For one time drying, the quartz sand dryer and silica sand dryer can dry the sand to be below moisture 1% directly, which completely meets the industrial requirements.

Quartz Sand Dryer, silica sand dryer, silica sand drying machine

Silica sand dryer and quartz sand dryer adopt a new high-temperature rapiddrying process and a new structure of polycyclic drum, which makes it have strong drying strength. The materials will stay for a long time in the drying cylinder, thus having a higher yield than the single drum dryer with the same volume.

Quartz sand rotary dryer dries quartz sand with clean hot air instead of heating cylinder with fire directly. This avoids the deformation and damage brought to cylinder. In addition, the cylinder rotates slowly, so it has a longer service life. The machine produced with special process can be used for more than 20 years.

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