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Silica Sand Drying Plant for quartz sand, river sand

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Silica sand dryer is an indispensable equipment of the silica sand drying plant which help to dry and reduce the moisture content of wet sand to be less than 3% or even bone dry.
Silica Sand Drying Plant, silica sand dryer, silica sand drying machine
Drying equipment industry has formed a considerable scale of industry, in addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, China’s production of sand dryer drying equipment has been exported to overseas. 
In recent years, with the rising of economy and the continuous development of the world, the silica sand dryer machine in China has also been spreaded to the many different countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Viet Nam, USA, Europe, etc.
Silica sand dryer machine is an indispensable drying equipment in the modern industrial production such as glass, ceramic, etc.  After entering the new century, silica sand drying machine has helped many domestic and foreign cusotmers to have one successful business in the past years.
If you are in need of silica sand drying machine, please supply more information as follows:
*** Initial moisture content (%) of wet silica sand ?
*** Output moisture content (%) of dry silica sand needed ?
*** Input capacity (ton per hour ) of silica sand dryer machine ?
*** Prefered fuel choice such as natural gas, coal, diesel, etc ?

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