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Slag Drying Plant

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Slag Drying Plant by Sunco Machinery can be designed according to the needed capacity and output moisture content of dried slag as demand.

The workflow of Slag Drying Plant are as follows:

Slag Drying Plant , Slag Drying Line, Slag Drying System, Slag Dryer

1. Burner and Hot Air Furnace supply the high temperature air for the slag drying plant

2. Belt Conveyor and inlet feeder sends the wet slag into the slag rotary dryer.

3. Slag Drying Machine stir and make the wet slag contact with the high temperature air sufficiently, and the water is evaporated into water vapor quickly.

4. High pressure draft fan sucks the high temperature air into the slag dryer, and makes the exhaust air mixed with water vapor out of the rotary dryer.

5. Cyclone Dust Separator separate the dust from the exhaust air and water vapor.

6. Belt Conveyor sends the dried slag out of the slag drum dryer.

7. Electric Control Panel is used to control all the above machines in the slag drying plant.

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