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Maintenance of Lubrication System of Slag Dryer Machine

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Good Maintenance of Lubrication System of Slag Dryer Machine is necessary to keep the slag drying machine in good work performance.These details are well questioned. The service life of the slag dryer can be extended and the equipment can be used longer.

In preparation for the work of the raw slag dryer, it is necessary to check and ensure excellent lubrication. The operation intensity and working link of the slag rotary dryer are more stringent. Therefore, the lubrication of the slag rotary dryer is the precondition to ensure the smooth operation of the slag rotary dryer. Excellent lubrication can also slow down the wear of the equipment and extend the slag dryer. Number of service life. There are three kinds of lubrication system for mineral powder dryer. Oil and gas injection lubrication system, artificial oil lubrication and oil pool splash lubrication are commonly used lubrication methods.

Oil and gas injection lubrication system can inject lubricating grease into pinion tooth surface by using nozzle equipment when lubricating gears. When pinion is driven and meshing with big gear, lubricating oil will be brought to the meshing surface of big gear. The lubrication operation of oil and gas injection lubrication system is continuous, in order to ensure the energy structure of big gear tooth surface. A uniform lubricating film is formed, and the duration of the injection is determined by the rotation of the big gear. The adjustment of nozzle equipment is convenient. It can be used to different size of gear tooth surface, and there will be no lubrication blind spot in gear lubrication area. It can form a uniform oil film on gear tooth surface to reduce the friction and consumption of gear transmission process.

Artificial oiling lubrication and oil pool splash lubrication methods must use fluidity lubricating oil. The lower the fluidity of lubricating oil in large gears, the better the lubrication effect, the longer the lubrication lasts, the lower the automation degree of artificial oiling lubrication method, and the poor control of oil quantity, which will constitute a waste of lubricating oil. This will gradually be picked out.

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Oil pool splash lubrication was a widely used lubrication method at that time. The pinion was immersed in lubricating oil. Through its transmission, the lubricating oil was brought to the big gear through meshing with the big gear. The amount of oil is not easy to control, and it will also constitute a waste of oil. It will also have a certain negative impact on equipment and production environment because of oil splash. When the wear metal component of the gear falls into the lubricating oil, it will also pollute the grease. The use of the polluted grease in turn weakens the lubricating function and speeds up the wear rate of the gear.

The above three methods are the maintenance of the lubrication system of raw slag dryer. I hope that we can use the equipment of  slag dryer machine in addition to the maintenance of the equipment, not just blindly using the equipment.

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