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What kinds of heat transfer modes are used in wood chips dryer ?

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Heat transfer between different objects, or from one part of the same object to another, can be seen everywhere. The wood chips dryer uses this principle to dry wood chip.
There are three basic forms of heat transfer for the wood chip dryer machine: heat conduction, convective heat transfer and thermal radiation.
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The phenomenon of heat exchange that occurs when various parts of a substance are in direct contact is called heat conduction. When conducting, there is no macroscopic relative displacement between different parts of the body, and pure heat conduction only occurs in dense solids.

The process of heat transfer caused by relative displacement of various parts of the fluid is called convective heat transfer. It includes not only heat transfer caused by mass movement of fluid, but also heat conduction of fluid. Convective heat transfer can only occur in liquids and gases. Convection is the process of transferring internal energy from the higher part of temperature to the lower part by the flow of liquid or gas. Convection is the main way of heat transfer between liquid and gas, and the convection of gas is more obvious than that of liquid.

The process of transmitting energy in the form of electromagnetic wave is called thermal radiation, which is essentially different from conduction and convective heat transfer. It does not need direct contact between cold and hot objects, and can spread in vacuum, accompanied by the transformation of energy form, that is, the heat energy of the object is converted into radiation energy; the radiation energy is absorbed by the object and converted into heat energy. Thermal radiation is the main way of transmitting energy over long distances. For example, solar energy is transmitted to the earth through space in the form of thermal radiation.

The heat exchange process of wood chips drying machine includes convective heat exchange between wood chip surface and drying medium, and heat flow of heat conduction inside sawdust. Wood chips drying starts with woodchip heating and ends with wood chip cooling. Therefore, it is of great significance for improving the quality of woodchip drying and reducing the energy consumption to master the distribution and variation of temperature field in wood chip, especially in the thickness of wood chips during the woodchip drying process.

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