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wood chip dryer price

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Wood chip dryer price is influenced by the processing capacity of wet wood chips, fuel choice, related machines needed, etc.

Application of wood chip dryer machine: 

Wood chips dryer is preferred products for drying sorghum, coconut, bagasse, pellet production line and other various drying engineering such as sawdust, apple pomace, wood chips, etc.  Wood chips Dryer comes with thermocouples on the feeding and discharging device to control the temperature.

Structures of Wood chip dryer machine:

Inside of the wood chip dryer machine, there are many tubes. During wood chip drying process, the hot air will enter into tube-internal by draught fan, while the wood chip exist tube-external, so that the wood chip can be dried indirectly, there is no pollution and no color change, also a fire that caused by too high temperature will be avoided successfully.

Advantages of wood chip drying machine:

1. New technology of indirect-drying structure, the working process is very safe and health.
2. Wood chips dryer equipped with biofuels stove, has a high environmental protection effect.
3. High thermal efficiency, the thermal efficiency can reach 80%.
4. The effect of drying is very good. Can dry to 10% Below
5. High output and low cost, reasonable design.
6. Moth-proofing, and it prevent mildew, has a long shelf life.
7. Wood chip dryer machine has a high degree of automation, easy to operate, save manpower.

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