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Wood Chip Specification G30, G50, G100

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Wood Chip Specification mainly are G30, G50, G100, and according to the different size and humidity of the wood chips, it can be used for different field such as power plant, boiler, furnace, etc.

Wood Chip Specification:

Size classification - G30 Wood Chips:

< 4 % of particles: < 1 mm

< 20 % of particles: 1 - 3 mm

60 – 100 % of particles: 3 - 16 mm

< 20 % of particles: > 16 mm

Size classification – G50 Wood Chips :

< 4 % of particles: < 1 mm

< 20 % of particles: 1 – 6 mm

60 – 100 % of particles: 6 - 32 mm

< 20 % of particles: > 32 mm

Size classification – G100 Wood Chips:

< 4 % of particles: < 1 mm

< 20 % of particles: 1 - 11 mm

60 – 100 % of particles: 11 - 63 mm

< 20 % of particles: > 63 mm

The wet wood chips is not suitable to be used as high quality biomass fuel, as in the burning process, the water of wet wood chips will absorb the heat, thus the rest heat can be used for boiler, furnace and power plant will be less. What is more, as the wood chip is wet, and it may can not burn sufficiently, and thus will also cause smoke and other pollution problems, and it is one waste of resource.

Then how to dry and reduce the moisture content of the wood chips in bulk economically ?

Wood chip drying machine, wood chips dryer, wood chip rotary dryer

According to the features of wood chips which is inner water and not easy to be got rid of, and also it needs enough long drying time, Sunco Machinery designed wood chips dryer on the base of traditional rotary dryer. 

Sunco Machinery wood chip dryer machine not only can supply enough drying space for the wood chips, but also its special inner structure can disperse the wood chips as much as possible, and also make the wood chip layer thickness only about 1/7 compared with the old design rotary dryer, thus the heat contacting area between the hot air and wood chips is increased signifcantly. what it more, the matched length of the wood chips dryer working together with the rotation to control and supply enough drying time for the wood chips.

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