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Heat Source and Fuel Choice for drying wood chip machine

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Wet wood chips moisture content usually can be up to 50%, and if directly use the wet wood chips as biomass fuel, during the burning process, much of the heat will be absorbed by the water, and then the water becomes water vapor. In other words, the heat that can be used will be much less.

This is the reason why the people need to process and dry the wet wood chips in advance, and get rid some water from it, and reduce its moisture content to be about 15% or as need.

Rotary Wood Chips dryer by Sunco Machinery is specially designed according to the features of wood chips which is inner water and needs enough drying time and drying chamber.

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Rotary wood chips dryer by Sunco Machinery is to use high temperature air to heat and dry the wet wood chips quickly and continuously.  Thus it will needs special heat source or fuel to generate the heat ( hot air ) for the wood chips drying system.

Regarding to the Heat Source and Fuel Choice for wood chip dryer, usually they are as follows:

*** Waste flue gas from power plant:  It is the most economical heat source.

*** Waste hot water from boiler : It also is economical, but as its temperature is not high, and also need to use the hot water to heat the cold air, then use the hot air to heat and dry the wet wood chips, thus its hot air temperature is not high, and the heat exchanging efficiency is some less.

*** Waste wood as fuel:  Usually for the wood chip manufactuers, they have many waste wood such as small branches, bark, etc, and it is also good fuel choice with less cost.

*** To use diesel, natural gas, or LPG, etc as fuel: They can supply stable heat quickly and continuously for the wood chip drying system, but its fuel cost is higher.

*** To use electricty to generate heat for the wood chip drying machine:  According to our past experience, electricity is the most expensive heat source for the wood chips drying machine.

In one word, the customers can select the most suitable fuel and heat source according to their actual situation, and then Sunco Machinery can design and supply the related wood chips dryer machine specially for the customers.

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