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Capacity 1.0 ton per hour wood chips dryer machine

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Wet Wood Chips moisture content usually is about 45-50% which is too wet to be used as biomass fuel for the power plant, furnace, etc.  In order to get rid of some water from the wet wood chips, so that after burning, the wood chip can generate more heat, we have to process and dry the wet chips in advance.

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According to the market demand, Wood Chips Dryer by Sunco Machinery is one type of rotary drum dryer which is well know as "workhorse" in the drying industry. Wood Chip Dryer from Sunco Machinery can reduce the wood chips moisture content from 40-55% to below 15% according to the customers' request. 

Work flow of Capacity 1.0 ton per hour wood chips dryer machine by Sunco Machinery is as follows:

wood chip dryer, wood chips dryer machine, drying wood chip

*** Diesel burner and hot air furnace generate and supply the high temperature for the wood chip dryer machine.

*** Input belt conveyor sends wet wood chip into wood chip dryer.

*** Wood chip dryer not only supply the drying chamber for the wood chip, but also help the hot air to heat and dry wet wood chip sufficiently, and reduce the moisture content to be about 15% or as need.

*** Draft fan makes the high temperature air into the wood chips dryer, and makes the exhaust air and water vapor out of the rotary dryer in time.

*** There is some dust mixed with the exhaust air. Cyclone separator separates the dust from the exhaust air. The dust falls down to the bottom of cyclone separator and then come out; the exhaust air leaves the cyclone separator and pass through the draft fan, then finally goes into atmosphere.

*** Output belt conveyor takes the dry wood chips out of the wood chip drying machine.

Wood Chips Drier Machine has the Advantages as follows:

◆ Reasonable structure;

◆ High heat and drying efficiency;

◆ Low energy consumption; 

◆ Fast drying, large processing capacity;

◆ Environment friendly, stably working situation, etc. 

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