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Installation of Wood Chips Dryer Machine

Time:2019年08月26日      Hits:

Maintenance of wood chip dryer machines is a very important and regular work. It should be closely coordinated with extreme operation and maintenance, and full-time personnel should be on duty for inspection.

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Installation and test run of wood chip dryer machine:

1. The rotary wood chip dryer should be installed on the basis of horizontal concrete and fixed with foot bolts.

2. When installing, attention should be paid to the vertical of the main body and the level of wood chip drying machine.

3. After installation, check whether the bolts in each part are loose or not and whether the main engine warehouse door is tightened. If so, tighten it.

4. Configure power cord and control switch according to the power of the drying wood chip machine.

5. After the inspection, the empty-load test will be carried out, and the normal test run will be able to carry out production.

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