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Wood Chips Drying Cost and Profit Analysis

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In this article Sunco Machinery will try to describe the wood chip drying and cost in detail. Wood chip dryer machine is the key equipment to dry wood chip.

Here we make the  output capacity 1 .5 t/h wood chip drying system as sample.

The background information are as follows: 

-- Initial moisture content : 55%;

-- Output moisture content : 15%;

-- Bulk density of wet wood chips : 750 kg per cubic meter;

-- Input capacity : 2.83 t/h

-- Fuel: coal

Wood Chips Drying Cost and value , wood chip dryer, wood chips dryer

1> Cost (FOB PRICE) of the wood chip dryer system is about $36,000.

The wood chip drying system includes wood chip dryer, belt conveyor, hot air furnace, draft fan, electric control box, air duct, etc. It is one whole set wood chip drying system.

The wood chip dryer machine can be used normally about 9 years.

2> To get 1.5 ton dry wood chip need to use about 114 kg coal per hour. 

Every day work 10 hours, then it will needs about 1.14 tons coal per day.

3> Electricity consumption of the wood chip drying system is about : 25 kw.h per hour.

Every day work 10 hours, then it will needs 250 kw.h per day.

4> Need two - three worker to operate the wood chip drying system.

5> Every day we can get 15 tons dried wood chips with moisture content 15%.

The users can calculate the actual operation cost and  profit of the wood chip drying machine according to the actual local situation. 

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