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Coal Fired Hot Air Furnace For Wood Chips Dryer

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One Austrialia customes asked for the working principle of the coal fired hot air furnace for the wood chips dryer. Sunco Machinery introduce the coal fired hot air furnace as follows:

Coal Fired Hot Air Furnace For Wood Chips Dryer, coal fired burner

The structure of the coal fired hot air furnace / burner is like the above drawing.

--- The workers put the coal into the furnace through the furnace door.
--- The coal is burning on top of flipping grate.
--- Under the function of the draft fan at the end of the drying system, the ambient air goes into the furnace through the coal cinder outlet.
The oxygen in the ambient air help the coal burning sufficiently, and then the ambient air is heated by the fire, and generate the hot air.
--- Inside the ash settling chamber, there are fire wall. Some ash is moving together with the hot air, and the ash hit on the fire wall and fall down, and then the ash is collected in one room on the bottom of the ash settling chamber.
The ash cleaning door is closed usually. After the furnace has worked some time, for example one day, then we open the ash cleaning door, and take out the ash.
--- The hot air goes out of the furnace through the hot air outlet, and then goes into the dryer drum to heat and dry the wet wood chips.

--- After the coal on the flipping grate is burned out, we can flip the flipping grate, and let the coal cinder falls down to the bottom room of furnace, and finally we take out the coal cinder.

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If you are interested in our wood chips dryer and coal fired hot air furnace, please feel free to contact us at: suncomachinery@hotmail.com .

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