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Woodchip Drying Machine

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Woodchip Drying Machine by Sunco Machinery can be used to dry the light material such as woodchip, sawdust, bagasse, etc.

Woodchip are an innovative energy source and a viable alternative for limited reserves of fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas.

Dried woodchip can be stored without significant reductions in heating value.Woodchips with moisture content less than 30% are "suitable for storage."

Because chips with moisture content lower than 30% are stored, energy loss and the expected micro-bacterial decay are kept to a minimum.

If use Sunco Machinery rotary wood chips dryer to dry the woodchips moisture content to be in the range of 13%-15%, and the dried wood chips can be used to produce the wood pellet as biomass fuel.

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Except to use the waste wood, diesel, coal, natural gas as fuel, drying woodchips also can using waste-based heat sources.

Heat sources like e.g. bio-gas systems or systems for combined electricity/heat production often produce excess heat in the summer. This excess heat is often released into the open air using a cooling system. 

According to the need of the customers, Sunco Machinery engineers can design the most suitable woodchips dryer for the customer specially.

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