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Working Principle of the wood chip drying Machine

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What is the working principle of the wood chip drying Machine ?

The wood chips can be used in the wood cogeneration plant, and it also can be used to be make the biomass pellet. Both of the usage require the moisture content (%) of the wood chips to be in the range of 13%-15%.

If the wood chips mositure content is too high, if it is used in the wood cogeneration plant, the tar generated in the burning process may damaged the plant components.

If the wood chips moisture content is too high, then it also will influence the quality of the biomass fuel.

Now in the market there are several types of methods to dry the wood chip, and Sunco Machinery suppose that the rotary wood chip dryer is the most economical and popular way.

Sunco Machinery can design and supply the most suitable wood chip dryer machine according to the customer's actual situation.

Working Principle of the wood chip drying Machine by Sunco Machinery are as follows:

The design of Sunco Machinery Triple Pass Rotary wood chip dryer is new technology developed by our technical team according to the past actual drying experience, and this new technology has been used more than 4 years successfully. Right now in other China factories, you would can not see such new design of dryer machine where they mainly produce the traditional single drum, double drum and triple drum rotary dryer machine with old technology.

Compared with the traditional rotary wood chips dryer machine, the main advantages of our Triple Pass Rotary wood chip Dryer is as follows:

(1)  As in the 7 chambers, all the chamber has slag when working, and the weight of each part of the dryer is even / balance. Our triple pass dryer will need less twisting force to make the drum rotating.  Thus it not only will save about 1/3 motor power for the drum rotating, but also the gear, ring, carrier roller and motor will have a longer lifetime.

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The traditional rotary wood chip dryer (single drum, double drum and triple drum) usually need to be installed in a certain slope degree such as 4 degree, and the slag mainly are in the bottom of the drum, and the weight of different part of the drum is different, it will need more twisting force to makes the drum rotating. Thus it will need more motor power, and the wear of the Gear, Ring,Carrier Roller, and motor will be more than our New Design Triple Pass wood chip dryer. 

What is more, our dryer has 4 sets carrier roller (one set carrier roller has 2 pieces carrier roller, and thus totally it is 8 pieces carrier roller.). It has the function of shocking proof, and the dryer drum moves more smoothly. 

(2) As in each chamber of the drum, there are welded guide plate (Lifting Plate) which makes the material to contact the hot air sufficiently , and the contact area between material and hot air will be more. 

In the traditional Single Drum wood chips dryer, the material is being mixed with the hot air one time, but for our new design, the the material will be mixed with the hot air 7 times. 

Principle of the wood chip drying, wood chip drying Machine, wood chips dryer, wood chip dryer

What is more, in each chamber of our woodchips dryer, the material layer thickness is about 1/7 of the material layer thickness in the traditional single drum rotary dryer, and the material is easier to be dried more sufficiently. In one word, our new design triple pass rotary wood chip dryer can have a higher heat exchange efficiency, and the coal consumption will be less than the traditional design of rotary drum dryer.

(3) The material comes to the high temperature zone of the drum two times, and thus we can use the hot air more sufficiently.  

As the material passes through the drum three times, thus we can have enough drying time to dry the material to be needed output moisture content.

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