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Turning wet woodchips into a dry fuel source with Sunco Machinery Wood Chips Drying Machine

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Sunco Machinery Wood Chips Drying Machine can turns wood chips and sawdust at about 50% moisture into under 12% suitable for a variety of applications such as fuel, animal bedding, pelletizing, and more. 

Wood Chips Drying Machine, Wood Chips Dryer, Wood Chips Rotary Dryer

Sunco Machinery Wood Chips Rotary Dryer has been developed from the past more than 10 years' actual experience, and it has the advantages as follows:

 Reasonable structure;

 High heat and drying efficiency;

◆ Low energy consumption; 

◆ Fast drying, large processing capacity;

◆ Environment friendly, stably working situation, etc. 

Wood Chips Rotary Dryer mainly consists of a horizontally inclined rotating cylinder, air duct tube, hor air furnace, highpressure draught fan, electric control box, etc.

Wet wood chips are fed at the feed inlet hole, and discharged at the dischaging hole. It is direct-type heated rotary dryers, hot gases move through the cylinder in direct contact with the wet wood chips, either with or against the direction of the wood chips' moving direction. The cylinder is equipped with lifting plates which lift the wood chips, and shower it up and down through the hot flue gas.

After being dried by the Wood Chips Dryer Machine, the moisture content of the dried wood chips can be about 13-15%, and also the output moisture content of the dried wood chips can be adjusted according to the customers' actual need.

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