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The necessarity of the wood chip drying

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The wood cogeneration plant requires optimally dried wood chips in order to generate wood gas for the combined heat and power unit (CHP). Inside the CHP, the wood gas is converted into electricity and heat.  The production of electricity with a wood gasifier in combination with a CHP (schematic).
For a smooth operation of the plant, the wood chips may contain only a certain percentage of moisture as otherwise tar may form inside the wood cogeneration plant possibly damaging the plant components.

For the operation of the wood gasifier plants with wood chips, the water content/moisture content of the wood chips may not exceed 13 % - 15 %.

The wood chips dryer by Sunco Machinery can help to dry the wood chips to be moisture content about 13-15% in bulk continuously.

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Many factors have an influence on the result of the drying of the wood chips. These influencing factors are as follows:
•Drying time
•Temperature of the drying air
•Layer thickness of the wood chips to be dried

•Material state (e.g. coarsely/finely chopped material)

• Reasonable inner structure of the wood chips dryer

• Reasonable draft fan system.

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