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Spark/fire issues on the rotary dryer system for sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips

Time:2018年04月12日      Hits:

One USA customers needs the sawdust / wood chips drying machine, recently they have the questions as follows:

"I'm looking into the spark/fire issues.  We have to assure the safety of the people and plant/ investment.   Do you have any spark detection or other fire/ explosion features ?"

In this article Sunco Engineers will talk on the Spark/fire issues on the rotary dryer system for sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips.

To assure the safety of the people and plant/investment, it is also the key point of the design of our sawdust/wood chips drying system. Our sawdust / wood chips drying system not only can achieve your requirement on the sawdust drying, but also pay enough attention to the safety.

1. Inside the hot air furnace, there is ash settling chamber. And in the ash settling chamber there is special fire stopping net which is made of stainless steel. Nearly all the Fire/Spark (in fact it is fine biomass particles which is not burned sufficiently ) is intercepted effectively. 

rotary drum dryer, sawdust dryer, wood chips dryer, wood chip drying system

2. After the burning process of the hot air furnace, the hot air leaves the ash settling chamber, and goes into the dryer machine to contact and heat the moisture content about 50% sawdust, the water inside the sawdust is gasified quickly and taken away by the hot air. The moving speed of hot air is much higher than the moving speed of the sawdust, the wet sawdust  is heated and dried by the hot air continuously, and the dry sawdust moves quickly to the outlet of the dryer, through the cyclone separator and outlet feeder, the dry sawdust is separated from the hot air, and fall down onto the outlet belt conveyor to be taken away. The exhaust air with water vapor leaves the cyclone separator, and goes through the draft fan, finally goes into atmosphere.

rotary drum dryer, sawdust dryer, wood chips dryer, wood chip drying system

3. As you see, in a relatively closed environment, if there is much dry dust, sufficient oxygen and fire/spark, then it will have the risk of fire and explosion.

For our sawdust / wood chip drying system, although there is a relatively closed environment, but the hot air is moving quickly inside the dryer, along with the sawdust is becoming more and more dry, the hot air will become more and more wet, what is more, the little fine biomass particles also is wet and is difficult to be burned. In such situation, even there is some fire/spark goes into the dryer, it will not occur fire or explosion that you are worried. 

This situation like that: in a site that there is strong wind, you can not light the candle. In the front part of our dryer, the temperature of the hot air is higher, but the moisture content of sawdust also is the highest (Even in case there is little fire/spark goes into the front part of the dryer, it can not burn.). In the rear part of the dryer, although the moisture content of sawdust is much lower, but there is much water vapor inside the hot air. What is more, the whole system is in one environment that the air is moving in high speed, as a result, in the normally working process, our sawdust / wood chips drying system does not have the condition to cause  fire and explosion. 

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