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Uses of Wood Chips

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Wood chips are a form of organic gold, with all kinds of amazing uses. Then what would be the uses of wood chips ?

1. Mulch

It's old, but classic. Wood chips help accomplish two important goals for your plants: retaining water and staying warm. In addition, they suppress the growth of weeds, making it easier for you to maintain your garden beds over time. Spread a layer of wood chips atop the garden in spring to get it looking clean, sharp, and beautiful, and repeat in fall to protect your plants from freezing temperatures and snow. Be aware that you may need to add nitrogen fertilizer to supply the needs of your plants, and make sure to churn up or remove old mulch before remulching, so your plants aren't buried.

2. Composting material

Wood chips contain a great deal of carbon, and they're great for building up the soil. Just by using them as mulch, you'll be improving the condition of your soil, but you can also add them to your compost as a carbon or "brown" layer. They'll break down and enrich the dirt, making it that much more nutritious for the plants you spread it on.

3. Walkways

Another classic use of woodchips is as a walkway substrate. They'll even out the ground and provide weed suppression in the garden and lawn areas. Before you create a wood chip walkway, lay down a weed barrier to increase its lifetime. Be aware, though, that wheelchair users and other people with mobility impairments might have trouble navigating a walkway that's not carefully graded, and be sure to remove any large debris regularly so it won't trip people.

4. Decor

If you're working with dried or artificial flowers, try using wood chips in the vase to stabilize them and hold them upright. Wood chips are also used in the construction of furniture and works of art, where their variable color, shape, and pattern can create a great deal of visual interest. 

5. Play area surface

Wood chips help cushion falls and provide a safe, nonslip surface for kids and the young at heart. Create a designated play area in your yard with wood chips, swings, and other supplies -- but make sure you inspect it regularly and keep it in good condition to reduce the risk of injuries.

6. Erosion control

While wood chips are a temporary fix, they can address an area of the yard where erosion is occurring while you develop a long term plan. Use the chips to create a barrier to prevent soil loss, especially during heavy rains, while you talk to a landscaper about better drainage options to keep the yard in good condition.

7. Fuel

Like other wood products, wood chips can make great fuel, and they're especially useful for fire starter and small, controlled fires. They're also ideal for biomass reactors, which can be used to power engines in addition to providing heat.

When we use the wood chip as fuel in bulk quantity, surely it can not be wet wood chip. We have to find methods to heat and dry the wet wood chips, and reduce the wood chips' humidity/moisture conent to be about 15%-20%.

Why need to dry wood chips ?

heating value of dry wood in average ≈ 19 MJ/kg, different forms of wood fuels, e.g. split billets, wood chips and pellets, saw dust, bark, etc. moisture lowers the net heating value of wood chips.

At harvest the moisture content of wood is around 50 % (total weight), to evaporate 1 kg of water takes about 2,5 MJ/kg H2O (0,8 kWh/kg H2O), e.g. 2 kg of wood chips, moisture content 50 %, = 1 kg dry-matter of wood + 1 kg water → net heating value ≈ (19 – 2,5) MJ ≈ 16,5 MJ  → 8,25 MJ/kg of fuel.

Moisture content affects greatly on net heating value of wood fuel (see tables 1 & 2 ):

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As a result, in order to increase the calorific value of the wood chips, we have to find ways to reduce the moisture content of wood chips to be about 20%.

The wood chip drying machine of Sunco Machinery can successfully to solve this problem. And it can use waste heat or normal fuel to generate hot air for the wood chip drying system.

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If you are in need of wood chip dryer machines, please help to supply more information as follows:

(1) Usual size (Length x Width x Thickness) (mm) of the wood chips ?

(2) Loose bulk density (kg per cubic meter) of the wet wood chips ?

(3) Prefered fuel choice such as waste wood, wood chips, natural gas, or diesel, etc ?

(4) Initial moisture content (%) of the wet wood chips ?

(5) Final Output moisture content (%) of the dry wood chips needed ?

(6) Input capacity (tons per hour) needed ?

(7) Other special requirements if have.

Please directly send your requirements on the wood chip drying system to Sunco Machinery by email to :  

suncomachinery@hotmail.com  , we will contact you within 24 hours.

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