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for drying wood shavings, 3 stage rotary dryer or 1 stage rotary dryer is better ?

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Sunco Machinery is one professional manufacturer of wood shavings dryer machine, we can calculate and design the wood shavings drying system according to the customers' actual demand.

One of our customers asked that when drying wood shavings, it is better to use 1 stage wood shavings rotary drum dryer, or to select the 3 stage wood shaving rotary drum dryer ?

Here what we can say is that it should be decided according to the actual situation.

This wood shavings dryer customers' demand is as follows:

-- Raw material: wood shavings, I will be shaving freshly cut logs from South African pine wood.

It is a very soft wood. The name of the species of pine that we grow here in south Africa is Patula.

-- Moisture content of wet wood shavings 38%, 145 kg per cubic meter

-- Dried shavings need to be 12% moisture content

-- 1850 kgs per hour of wet wood shavings approximately.

According to the above information, Sunco Machinery design the wood shavings drying system as follows:

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Sunco Machinery wood shavings drying line includes hot air furnace, high temperature resistant draft fan, inlet feeder, 1 stage wood shavings rotary drum dryer, cyclone dust separator, air duct, electric control panel, etc.

1- Sunco Machinery design can reduce the moisture content from 38% down to 12%, and the input capacity can be 1850 kg per hour.

2-According to Sunco Machinery design, it is 1 stage rotary drum dryer, and here no need to use 3 stage drum dryer. The actual reason is as follows:

As your wood shavings moisture content is only about 38% (not very wet), and the output moisture content is about 12%,  what is more, in our design, between the hot air furnace and rotary dryer there is one high temperature resistant blower, as you see, the hot air temperature is much higher near the hot air furnace, when the wet wood shavings goes into the air duct between the blower and rotary dryer,  the blower makes the wet wood shavings moves rapidly in boiling type, and the wood shavings contact the high temperature air as much as possible, thus during this process, many of the humidity is evaporated into water vapor rapidly .

After that, the wood shavings goes into the rotary drum dryer, and the hot air heat the wet wood shavings again, and many of the humidity is evaporated into water vapor again.

According to our calculation and design, finally the moisture content about 12% dried wood shavings goes out of the rotary drum dryer.

For our design as the attached sketch map, if we use 3 stage drum dryer, as you see, the wood shavings will pass through the dryer drum three time, and the drying time is much longer, then it will occurs that the dried wood shavings is too dry ( the output moisture content is too low, and it is very easy to be broken.)

In one word, our design can meet your demand, and no need to use 3 stage rotary drum dryer.  Of course we also can produce 3 stage rotary dryer, but then we need to calculate and design the whole drying system again.

The key features of our wood shavings drying machine is high temperature drying, high drying speed, high heat exchange efficiency, Low fuel consumption. 

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