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Indonesia Chicken Manure Dryer is installed well

09-22-2020 Hits:

Indonesia Chicken Manure Dryer is installed well, and begin the test run process recently.

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Working process of Indonesia chicken manure drying line is as follows:

1. Hot Air Furnace supply the burning chamber for coal and waste wood, and generate hot air for the chicken manure drying system.

2.To use truck to put the wet chicken manure into Wet Manure Pool.

Fresh chicken manure to be stored in manure pit

3. There are 2 inlet screw conveyor. Inlet Screw Conveyor sends the wet manure into the Chicken Manure Dryer.

4.  Inside the chicken manure dryer, the wet manure is heated by the hot air , and the water is evaporated into water vapor, and finally the dried manure goes out from the dryer drum’s outlet, and the water vapor goes out from the air pipe and then goes into the cyclone separator.

5.  High Pressure draft fan is used to make the hot air into the manure drying system, and make the exhaust air out of the dryer drum.

6.  The cyclone separator is used to separate the dust from the exhaust air .

7.  Wind closing device is installed on the bottom of the cyclone dust collector, and it avoids the ambient air into the chicken manure drying system.

8.  Deodorization Tower System is used to process the odor in the exhaust air.

9.  Outlet Belt Conveyor takes the dry chicken manure into product storage area.

dry chicken manure out of chicken manure dryer

10.  Electric Control Panel is used to control all the machines in the chicken manure drying line.

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