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Indonesia customers purchased capacity 10 t/h chicken manure dryer system

09-25-2020 Hits:

Good News! Indonesia customers purchased capacity 10 t/h chicken manure dryer system from Sunco Machinery.

Indonesia customer is one member of Thailand CP Group, and it is the second time cooperation between Sunco Machinery and Thailand CP Group on Chicken manure dryer machine.

The background information of chicken manure drying system for this Indonesia customers is as follows:

*** Raw Material: Fresh layer chicken manure, with moisture content up to about 70-75%.

fresh chicken manure fed into chicken manure dryer

*** Input capacity of chicken manure drying machine: 10 tons per hour.

*** Needed output moisture content of dry chicken manure: less than 30%

Dried chicken manure out of the drying machine

*** Prefered fuel: heat calorific value 5000 kcal per kg coal.

*** Special requirements: 

1) Advanced exhaust air and water vapor process system which help to lighten the odor significantly and obviously, and also makes the water vapor become liquid water again.

2) Large mechanical pit hopper, and achieve to use dump truck to feed the wet chicken manure into pit hopper, instead of manual wet manure feeding.

chicken manure dryer, chicken manure drying machine, chicken manure drying system

Like always, Sunco Machinery will prepare the standard good quality chicken manure dryer machine and the other related machines accordingly, and assist the customers to build one successful chicken manure drying project accordingly.

If you are in need of chicken manure drying system, please do not hesitate to contact Sunco Machinery :

*** Email:

*** Mobile/WhatsApp: +86-15838214261

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