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Chicken Manure Drying Machine is ready to deliver to Indonesia

12-18-2020 Hits:

Good News!  Input capacity 10 tons per hour Chicken Manure Drying Machine have been manufactured well, and righ now it is ready to deliver to Indonesia. 

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Indonesia customers have large chicken layer farm, and everyday can generate about 10 tons fresh chicken manure with moisture content up to 75%. Without suitable processing methods, the large quantity of fresh chicken manure will generate strong odor and pollute the air, and also will cause serious flies problems. It is not good for the health of chicken. Also the wet chicken manure can pollute the underground water if just throw it away. What is more, although wet chicken manure contains much nutrition such as N,P,K and organic materials, but if use it as fertilizer directly, it will ferment and generate heat, and then burn the roots of crops.

By using chicken manure dryer machine of Sunco Machinery, it is to use high temperaure air to heat and dry wet chicken manure quickly and continuously, and within about 20-25 minutes the wet chicken manure will become dry chicken manure.

During the high temperature drying process, not only water is got rid of, but also the harmful bacterials are killed. The dry chicken manure with moisture content about 15-30% which is suitable for long term storage by bags, and it also can be directly to be used as high quality organic fertilizer for the plants.

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