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Reason for dry manure out of inlet cover of chicken manure dryer ?

09-18-2022 Hits:

When the chicken manure dryer is working, as the dryer drum is rotating, but the inlet cover does not rotate, and between the inlet cover and the dryer drum there is a small gap.

It is normal that some dry manure goes into this small gap and falls out. Otherwise, if some dry manure gathering more and more in this small gap, then when the dryer drum rotating, the friction force will increase more and more, and it is not good for the dryer. 

As a result, such phenomenon is normal, and no need to worry too much on it.

What we can do is that: During the dryer working, reduce this part dry manure quantity which comes out from the gap.

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01. On the bottom of the inlet cover of chicken manure dryer machine, there is one Overflow Hopper which collects some dry manure which fall down from the gap between inlet cover and the dryer drum.

Please often open this overflow hopper according to the actual situation, and clear out the dry manure from it.

02. If there is much manure adhere on the Screw Guide Plates and the Lifting Plates near the inlet cover of the manure dryers, then the function of the Screw Guide Plates and the lifting plates will be weaken, thus please remove these part manure according to the actual situation.

03. To weld a inclined chute on the discharging end of the short screw conveyor, so that it can feed wet manure into the chicken manure drier drum about 30-40cm more deep.

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