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Daily Maintenance of Chicken Manure Dryer

09-22-2022 Hits:

Chicken manure dryer by Sunco Machinery is specially designed and used for drying fresh chicken manure with moisture content up to about 75-80% directly, and after the drying process, the moisture content of chicken manure can be reduced to be less than 15% or as need.

Sunco Chicken Manure Dryer is to use high temperature air to heat and dry the wet manure strongly, quickly and continuously, and the manure drying time inside the dryer cylinder is about 20 minutes.

For the chicken manure dryer machine, everyday before to start it, need to preheat the dryer body for about 30 minutes until its temperature is higher than 250 centigrades, then can begin to feed wet chicken manure into the dryer cyclinder, and according to the situation of the output moisture content of the dried manure, to gradually add the wet manure feeding quantity until achieve the designed drying capcity.  Everyday after stop the chicken manure dryer, the body of the dryer drum will cool down to the ambient air temperature gradually.

When preheat the dryer body, the steel will expand; when the dryer body cool down, the steel will shrink. After many times, some of the welding line will break.

What is more, the wet chicken manure is corrosive to the steel plate of the chicken manure dryer machine.

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As you see, the chicken manure dryer's work conditon is rather hard: High Temperature, High Humidity, High Corrosion. Good daily maintenance is necessary and helpful for the chicken manure dryer machine so that it is more durable and with good work performance.

Daily maintenance for the chicken manure dryer mainly are as follows:

  1. Add lubrication oil or grease to the transmission parts periodically to make sure working under good lubrication situation.

  2. Inspect the related welding line, if find broken welding line, patch weld it in time, avoid to occur more serious problem.

  3. Before stop the chicken manure dryer, all of the manure should be discharged out.

  4. Inspect the related bolts, tighten the bolts in time.

  5. Solve other abnormal problems in time.

In order to make the chicken manure dryer more durable and with better work performance, the daily maintenance mentioned above are highly suggested to the users. For more detail, you are welcome to contact Sunco at your convenience.

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