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Olive Pomace Drying Machine for Jordan is Ready

08-01-2022 Hits:

Jordan customers placed one order of input capacity 1.6 tons per hour olive pomace dryer machine from Sunco Machinery, and the related equipment have been manufactured well and waiting for shipment.

Olive pomace dryer, drying machine for pomace

Jordan customers have their own olive oil plant, and they plan to process and dry the wet olive pomace, reduce its humidity, and make the dry olive pomace into biomass pellet as fuel.  

Olive pomace pellet

The initial moisture content of wet olive pomace is about 65-70%, and the needed output moisture content is about 10-12%, and every hour it is planned to dry 1600 kgs wet olive pomace. 

Sunco Olive pomace dryer is to use high temperature air to heat and dry the wet material continuously and quickly, within about 20-30 minutes can get rid the water and have the dry pomace.  

wet olive pomace with humidity 65-70%

In order to generate high temperature air for the olive pomace drying system, the related burner and furnace is used to generate the needed heat accordingly. The prefered fuel is biomass pellet and diesel.

The work flow of Jordan Olive pomace drying line is as below:

work flow of olive pomace drying machine

The information needed for designing olive pomace dryer machine is as follows:

* Initial Moisture Content (%) of wet olive pomace

* Output moisture content (%) of dried olive pomace needed

* Input Capacity (kg per hour) of olive pomace dryer

* Prefered fuel such as natural gas, diesel, etc 

* Any other special requirement if have

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