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Calcium Carbonate Dryer

Calcium Carbonate Dryer is popular economical drying machinery for drying wet calcium carbonate with moisture content about 35%, after being dried, the calcium carbonate moisture content can be less than 1%, or even bone dry

Technical Parameters

Calcium Carbonate Dryer Introduction:

Calcium Carbonate Dryer is developed from rotary drum dryer, and it is also called as calcium carbonate drying machine, rotary calcium carbonate dryer, etc.

Calcium Carbonate Dryer can be used to heat and dry the wet calcium carbonate with moisture content about 35% to be less than 1%, or even bone dry.

Calcium Carbonate Drying system mainly consists of burner and hot air furnace, input belt conveyor, inlet feeder, rotary calcium carbonate dryer, cyclone dust separator, air duct, output belt conveyor, high pressure draft fan, pulse bag filter, electric control panel, etc.

Calcium Carbonate Dryer System Work Flow:

01. Burner and hot air furnace supply the high temperature air for the calcium carbonate dryer;

02. Input belt conveyor sends the wet calcium carbonate into the calcium carbonate dryer;

03. Inside the calcium carbonate dryer, there are many welded lifting plates, and it helps the hot air to contact and heat the wet calcium carbonate sufficiently.

04. Output Belt Conveyor takes the dried calcium carbonate out of the rotary dryer, and then send it into the product sotrage area.

05. High pressure draft fan and air duct makes the high temperature air into the calcium carbonate drying system, after drying, makes the exhaust air with water vapor out of the calcium carbonate dryer in time.

06. Cyclone dust separator and pulse bag filter is used to collect and separate the fine calcium carbonate dust from the exhaust air.

07. Electric control panel is used to control all the above machines.

Calcium Carbonate Dryer Features:

◆ Strong drying ability: Because the material is highly dispersed in the hot gas stream, the entire surface of the slag particles are the effective drying area.

◆ Short drying time.

◆ Simple and Reasonable structure, Small floor area needed, Easy construction and maintenance.

◆ Large capacity, high thermal efficiency. When dried the free water, the thermal efficiency of up to 75%.

◆ Achieve "zero thrust", greatly reducing the wear on the roller block, and the cylinder runs smoothly and reliably. 

◆ The roller and rolling ring are always in linear contact, thereby greatly reducing the wear and power loss.

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