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Fly Ash Dryer

Fly Ash Dryer can dry fly ash from moisture content 45% to about 8% or even "bone dry " in large quantity directly Asfter being dried, fly ash (coal ash) can be used as raw material in cement and concrete

Technical Parameters

Fly Ash Dryer Background Information:

◆ In the coal fired power plant, the fly ash (coal ash) has two discharging style: one is dry discharging style, the other is wet discharging style.

◆ In the rapidly developing cement industry, as the cement production mixing materials, the dry fly ash market is rather considerable. The physicochemical properties of wet fly ash are basicly same as the dry fly ash, but as there is big moisture content (maximum is amount to 45%), the wet fly ash (coal ash) can not meet the requirements of cement production. As a result, the wet fly ash (coal ash) can only be piled up as waste, and occupy many storage place, even pollutes the environment.

◆ Then, how to dry the wet fly ash (coal ash) ? 

After years' research, Sunco Machinery developed one new type fly ash dryer. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, simple drying process,  large drying capacity, etc.  Fly ash dryer from Sunco Machinery can dry the wet fly ash (coal ash) from moisture content 45% to about 8% in large quantity directly.

Fly Ash dryer Advantages:

◆ Low outlet temperature, long lifetime of dust cleaning system;

◆ Adopt new type lifting boards, and the output moisture content can be adjusted as customer's demand;

◆ High degree of automation, simple operation, stable working;

◆ Equipment investment needed is only 1/6 of the imported equipments. Low investment, creat profit quickly;

◆ Adopt gear transimission,  small transimission power needed;

◆ Compared with single pass rotary drum dryer, it saves about 50% floor area, 60% electricity consumption;

◆ Broad fuel choice: coal, diesel, natural gas, waste wood, etc.

Sunco Machinery can design and supply Fly Ash Dryer Machine according to the following information specially :

01. Initial moisture content (%)of wet coal ash (fly ash) ?

02. Final output moisture content (%) of dry coal ash (fly ash) needed ?

03. Input Capacity (ton per hour ) needed ?

04. Prefered fuel such as coal, waste wood, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

05. Other special requirements if have ?

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