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Cow Dung Dryer

Cow dung dryer also is called cattle manure dryer which is used to dry cow manure After being dried, the cow dung is suitable for storage and production of organic fertilizer

Technical Parameters

Cow Dung Dryer / Cattle Manure Dryer Brief Introduction:   

◆ Dried Cow Dung can be used as organic fertilizer and fuel, etc. Cow Dung is considered as "cold" manure since it is moister and less concentrated than most other animal manure. It breaks down and gives off nutrients fairly slowly. It can be an especially good source of beneficial bacteria, because of the complex bovine digestive system.

◆ Without dewatering units, SunCo Machinery Cow Dung Dryer can dewater the cow dung from moisture 60-70%to about moisture 13% one time directly. After being dried, the cow dung is in safety moisture for storage and production of organic fertilizer, etc. 

◆ By using manure dewatering machine, the moisture content of cow manure can be reduced to be about 60-65%, then use the cow manure dying machine to heat and dry the cow manure.  To do it in this way, it can help to reduce much of the fuel consumption.

Cow Dung Dryer / Cattle Manure Dryer  Structure:

Screw Conveyor, Heat source, Rotary Drum, Belt Conveyor, Dust Catcher,  Induced Draft Fan,  Air duct tube, motors, electric control box, etc.

Cow Dung Dryer / Cattle Manure Dryer Principle:

◆ Wet cow dung are transported into hopper before the rotary dryer by screw conveyor, then the wet cow dung enters into the rotating drum. 

◆ The rotating drum is installed with slope to horizontal line from the higher side, and hot flue gas enters into the rotating drum from the lower side. 

◆ Then cow dung and hot flue gas mix together when the rotating drum is rotating. Cow Dung goes towards the lower side by the function of gravity and induced draft fan when the drum is rotating. Lift plates on the inner wall of rotating drum make cow manure up and down, thus mix the cow manure and hot flue gas sufficiently. As a result, it imcreases the drying capacity and heat efficiency.

Cow Dung Dryer / Cattle Manure Dryer Advantages:

◆ There are many modular cabin inside the drum which enhance the capacity and heat efficiency significantly;

◆ Achieve the multi times drying inside the drum, increase the drying time and length inside the drum.

◆ New design Deodorization tower with patent, environment friendly;

◆ As the special structure design, solve the weight balance problems of rotary drum's every parts;

◆ Achieve the dry and wet mixing inside the drum, solve the problem of material adhesion. 

◆ Broad Fuel Option: Wast Wood, Coal, Biomass Fuel, Diesel, Natural Gas, etc.

Design of Cow Manure Dryer :

Sunco Machinery can design and supply Cow Manure Dryer System for the customers specially according to the information as follows:

01. Initial moisture content (%) of wet cow manure (cow dung) ?

02. Output moisture content (%) of dry cow manure (cow dung) needed ?

03. Input Capacity (ton per hour) needed ?

04. Prefered fuel such as waste wood, coal, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

05. Other special requirements if have ?

For detail and price of Cow Dung Dryer / Cattle Manure Dryer, please refer to: 

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