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Coal Slurry Dryer

Coal Slurry Dryer from Sunco Machinery is a new type special dryer for coal slurry,coal slime, and coal slurry dryer was developed from Rotary Drum Dryer

Technical Parameters

Coal Slurry Dryer Brief Introduction:

◆ Coal Slurry is the by-products from coal mining. Coal slurry has the disadvantages of high moisture, high viscosity, high water binding capacity, low heat value. and it is difficult for the industry application.

◆ Now as the lack of energy, how to enhance the additional value of the coal slurry becomes more and more urgent. processing and use of the coal slurry. To invest in the drying of coal slurry has a very bright future.

◆ Coal Slurry Dryer of Sunco Machinery is one new type special dryer for the coal slurry, and it was developed fromrotary drum dryer.

Coal Slurry Dryer Structure:

Coal Slurry Dryer mainly consist of heat source, beater device, belt conveyor for feeding, feeding machine, rotary drum dryer, discharger, belt conveyor for discharging, draft fan, and electric control box, etc.

Coal Slurry Dryer Working Principle:

◆ Due to the stickiness of the coal slurry, firstly we use one breakup device to make the coal slurry into smaller pieces.

◆ After the bulk coal slurry goes into the rotary drum dryer under the negative pressure, there are seceral working area:

A: Feeding Area: The wet coal slurry contact with high temperatue negative pressure hot air, and many moisture is evaporated. Under the mixing function of the lifting boards inside the rotary drum dryer, the coal slurry without bond goes into another working area.

B: Cleaning Area: When the wet coal slurry is made up and down by the lifting boards, the wet coal slury is easy to stick on the inner wall of the rotary drum dryer. There is special cleaning device in this area, and it can crush and clean up the coal slurry which is sticky on the inner wall of the rotary dryer. As a result, it increases the contact area, heat efficiency and drying speed.

C: Slope Lifting Boards Area: This area is low temperature drying area. In this area the coal slurry contains little moisture, and it is not easy to be cohere.  After heat exchanger, the coal slurry which meets the required moisture goes into the discharging area.

D: Discharging Area: In this area, there is not lifting boards. The dried coal slurry rolls to the discharging hole, and finally goes out of the rotary dryer as product.

Features of Coal Slurry Dryer:

◆ According to the different features of coal slurry, the operating parameter of coal slurry dryer can be changed. Thus it makes the heat exchange more sufficiently.

◆ Large resistance ability to overload,  Big processing capacity, Low fuel consumption, Low drying cost;

◆ New Type feeding and discharging device which overcomes the problems such as blocking, discontinuous and uneven feeding, and it reduce the load of the duct removing system;

◆ Adopts the fair current drying methods, hot flue gas and wet coal slurry goes into the rotary dryer from the same side, and it can take the advantages of high temperature flue gas to get high evaporation intensity, and the temperature at the discharging hole is low. Thus, it increase the heat efficiency much.

◆ New type inner structure strengthen the cleaning and heat conduction for the disperse coal slurry, eliminates the problems of bond. It is better adaptable for higher moisture sticky materials;

◆ According to the customer requirements,  the particle size and moisture content of the material can be adjusted. After drying, the dried coal slurry's moisture content can be less than 8%, and the particle size of the dried coal slurry can be smaller than 8mm;

◆ Use "self-aligning roller device", make the wheel and roll ring with a linear contact forever, thus greatly reduces the wear and power loss;

◆ Achieve "zero thrust", greatly reduced the wear of roller block, and the cylinder operation is stable and reliable.

Sunco Machinery can design and supply Coal Slurry Dryer Machine according to the following information specially :

01. Initial moisture content (%)of wet coal slurry ?

02. Final output moisture content (%) of dry coal slurry needed ?

03. Input Capacity (ton per hour ) needed ?

04. Prefered fuel such as coal, waste wood, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

05. Other special requirements if have ?

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