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Poultry Manure Dryer

Poultry Manure Dryer by Sunco Machinery is specially designed for drying chicken manure combining the past years actual experience After being dried, the moisture content can be reduced to be less than 30% or as need which is suitable for long term storage and to be used as organic fertilizer

Technical Parameters

After being dried and processed, the dry poultry manure can be used as organic fertilizer and fuel.

♦ Using Sunco Machinery poultry manure dryer machine, chicken manure can be dried directly throughout the year.

To do it in this way, the fresh poultry manure can be dried directly in one day, and get the dry poultry manure.  But as the moisture content of fresh chicken manure is up to 75%, it means that large quantity of water needs to be get rid of from the fresh poultry manure, thus the fuel consumption of the poultry manure drying system is high.

♦ Adopt fermentation/compost technology.

Firstly, mix the fresh chicken manure with rice husk, sawdust, straw powder, etc according to certain ratio, meantime also add certain quantity of fermentation bacterial. According to the different fermentation technologies, it will needs different fermentation time such as 2 weeks to 5 weeks, etc.

After the fermentation process,  the organic material decompose and its nutrition is easier to be absorbed by the plant, also the odor of the poultry manure is lightened much. What is more, the moisture content of poultry manure will be reduced to be about 40%.

Fresh Poultry Manure                                        Compost manure for fermentation

fresh chicken manure compost poultry manure in fermentation process

◆ Poultry manure dryer also is well kown as fresh chicken manure dryer machine, rotary manure dryer, chicken manure dryer, manure drying machine, manure drier, etc. It is also suitable for drying other types of high humiditiy material such as coal slurry, pomace, bean dregs, vinasse, etc.

The disadvantages of fermentation is that;

(1)Much land occuption area.

(2) Long Fermentation time.

(3) Generate worms, harmuful bacterial and fly problem.

Secondly, to use Sunco Machinery Poultry Manure Dryer Machine to heat and dry the poultry manure with moisture content about 40%.

After being dried, the moisture content of poultry manure can be reduced to be about 13-15% or as need. Poultry manure dryer machine is to use high temperature air to heat and dry the poultry manure continuously and quickly, the worms and bacterias will be killed in the drying process. What is more, the dry poultry manure is without significant odor, and also it is suitable for packing and long term storgae.

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The dry poultry manure can be directly used as organic fertilizer for the plants.

The customers also can make the dry poultry manure into pellets, and then sell it with better price in market. 

(1) Make excellent use of residual heat from poultry house air or electricity generation.

(2) Reduce manure weight, reducing storage and transport costs while creating a useful, marketable fertiliser.

(3) Create opportunities to convert low value wet manure into high value fuel, providing electricity & heat on-site.

(4) New sales and utilisation possibilities – use dry manure as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion.

(5) Significantly reduce issues surrounding wet manure (e.g. flies, odours and ammonia).

(6) On-site energy independence, escaping fossil fuel dependence and price increases. 

Marketable organic fertiliser for economic crops and plants.

Wet poultry manure is a by-product in the poultry industry, that when left untreated, is a low value waste. Poultry houses are emptied at the end of the pullet or broiler production period, or continuously with modern laying hen systems via conveyors. Wet poultry manure needs to be transported to the field or storage facilities until a suitable spreading window.

Dry Poultry Manure                                             Poultry manure pellets

dry chicken manure out of poultry manure drying machine organic fertlizer pellets by poultry manure dryer system

Find out how dried manure as a fertiliser adds value to poultry farms.

(1) Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium contained in poultry manure are concentrated by weight.

(2) Dry organic matter improves soil structure, water infiltration, and soil moisture-holding volume.

(3) Dry fertiliser reduces run off potential and extends the available application sites.

(4) Excellent substitute for synthetic fertilisers which are energy consuming and environmentally harmful.

(5) Dried poultry manure reduces storage and transport costs while being more stable, easier to handle and blend.

Agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping companies are a handful of sectors that can see positive revenue generation through the use of dried poultry manure fertiliser.

Along with the developing of society, the people pay more and more attention on the healthy themselves and also green organic food.  Green organic food mainly use organic fertlizer such as chicken manure instead of chemical fertilizer. In the supermarket, the price of green organic food is much more expensive than the normal food which use chemical fertilizer.

 What is the work flow of one whole set of rotary poultry manure dryer system ?

(01) Hot Air Furnace is to generate and supply the high temperature air for the poultry manure drying system.

(02) Inlet Screw Conveyor sends the wet poultry manure into the Special Designed Poultry Manure Dryer.

(03) Inside the dryer machine, the wet poultry manure is heated and dried by high temperature air sufficiently, and the moisture content of the poultry manure is reduced to be about 15% or as need.

(04) Draft fan is used to make high temperature air into the drying machine, after heat exchanging process in the dryer, makes water vapor and exhaust air out of the poultry manure dryer cylinder, and then goes into cyclone dust separator.

(05) After being dried, wet poultry manure become dry manure, most of dry manure come out from the outlet of the poultry manure dryer machine, and some fine poultry manure powder is mixed with the exhaust air, and then goes into cyclone separator. Cyclone separator is used to separate the dry poultry manure powder from water vapor and exhaust air. Finally the water vapor and exhaust air come out from the top of cyclone separator, and then goes into deodorization tower; the fine dry poultry manure powder falls down to the bottom of cyclone separator, and come out through wind closing device.

(06) Belt Conveyor takes the dry poultry manure away from the poultry manure dryer machine.

(07) Deodorization Tower is mainly used to get rid of the strong smell inside the exhaust air, and finally the water vapor become water, and the exhaust air goes into atmosphere through chimney.

(08) Electric Control Cabinet is used to control all the machines in the poultry manure drying line.

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Specification of Rotary Poultry Manure Dryer Machine:

Input Capacity (T/H)Input M.C.(%)Output M.C.(%)Dryer Motor (KW)Heat Consumption (Kcal/hour)


13-20%(adjustable)5.5260,000 or 390,000
SCM13121.57.5440,000 or 680,000
SCM13162.011600,000 or 910,000
SCM15152.515680,000 or 1,150,000
SCM15183.015890,000 or 1,460,000
SCM17184.018.51,150,000 or 1,820,000
SCM19185.0221,450,000 or 2,270,000

What necessary information are needed for design and suggest suitable poultry manure dryer machine ?

(01) Do you need to dry the fresh poultry manure or compost/fermented chicken manure ?

(02) What is the usual initial moisture content (%) of the wet poultry manure ?

(03) After drying, what is the needed output moisture content (%) of the dry poultry manure ?

(04) How many tons wet poultry manure do you need to let the poultry manure dryer process and dry per hour ?

(05) Regarding to the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use for the poultry manure dryer machine such as coal, waste wood, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

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