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Vinasse Dryer

Vinasse Dryer also is named Brewers Grains Dryer which is designed for the drying of Vinasse,distiller s grains Vinasse Dryer can reduce the vinasse and Distiller s grains from Miosture content 80% to around 10% quickly

Technical Parameters

Vinasse Dryer Brief Introduction:

◆ Vinasse (Brewers Grains, distiller's grains) is the by-product of winery. Its main constituent are wheat husk, wheat germ, rice germ and endosperm. These constituent contains large amounts of nutrients such as undecomposed crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat, etc.  After being processed, the dry vinasse/distiller's grains is good raw materials for animal feed production.

◆ Vinasse Dryer also is named Brewers Grains Dryer, distiller's grains drying machine. It is designed for the drying of Vinasse specially. Vinasse Dryer can reduce the vinasse from Miosture content 85% to around 10% quickly. Nowadays the vinasse dryer have been used in many winery and feed processing factory, and it creates considerable economic benefits.

Vinasse Dryer Composition:

Vinasse Dryer (distiller's grains drying machine) contains : Heat source, feeder machine, rotating drying drum, discharging machine, fan, unloader, air duct system, electric control box. After dewatering, the vinasse is transported into the rotating drum. Inside the rotating drum, the vinasse is made up and down by the lifting plates, and have sufficient heat exchange with the hot air, thus enhance the drying speed.   During the drying process, the vinasse moves towards the discharging hole of the vinasse dryer under the function of lifting plates and high pressure induced fan.

Vinasse Dryer Features:

◆ Even dried products;

◆ Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance;

◆ Little breakdown, Low energy consumption;

◆ High degree of mechanization, large processing capacity, continuous drying ability.

Sunco Machinery can design and supply the Vinasse Dryer system according to the following information specially :

01. Initial moisture content (%)of wet vinasse ?

02. Final output moisture content (%) of dry vinasse needed ?

03. Input Capacity (ton per hour ) needed ?

04. Prefered fuel such as coal, waste wood, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

05. Other special requirements if have ?

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