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Wood Chips Dryer

Wood Chips Dryer Machine is ideal drying wood chips equipment in large capacity to reduce moisture content to be about 15-20% as biomass fuel Rotary Wood chips dryer is Less Fuel Consumption, High Heat Efficiency, Long Durable, Stable Drying Performance

Technical Parameters

Rotary Wood Chips Dryer Detailed Description:

Wood Chips Drier is one type of rotary drum dryer which is well know as "workhorse" in the drying industry. Wood Chip Dryer from Sunco Machinery can reduce the wood chips moisture content from 40-55% to below 10% according to the customers' request.

Why need to dry wood chips ?

heating value of dry wood in average ≈ 19 MJ/kg, different forms of wood fuels, e.g. split billets, wood chips and pellets, saw dust, bark, etc. moisture lowers the net heating value of wood chips.

At harvest the moisture content of wood is around 50 % (total weight), to evaporate 1 kg of water takes about 2,5 MJ/kg H2O (0,8 kWh/kg H2O), e.g. 2 kg of wood chips, moisture content 50 %, = 1 kg dry-matter of wood + 1 kg water → net heating value ≈ (19 – 2,5) MJ ≈ 16,5 MJ  → 8,25 MJ/kg of fuel.

Moisture content affects greatly on net heating value of wood fuel (see tables 1 & 2 ):

wood chips photos,

In practice the heating effect of small-scale boilers decreases even more.

--- the total efficiency of the boiler decreases rapidly when the moisture content rises (boiler tests are usually made with fuel

that contains 30 % or less moisture/water)

--- moisture content decreases conversion efficiency into energy and increases gaseous emissions (incomplete combustion)

--- when using dry fuels the boiler stays cleaner, malfunctions and need for maintenance decreases → uptime increases.

As a result, in order to increase the calorific value of the wood chips, we have to find ways to reduce the moisture content of wood chips to be about 20%.

The wood chip drying machine of Sunco Machinery can successfully to solve this problem. And it can use waste heat or normal fuel to generate hot air for the wood chip drying system.

Rotary Wood Chips Dryer Working principle:

◆ Wood Chips Dryer mainly consists of a horizontally inclined rotating cylinder, air duct tube, hor air furnace, highpressure draught fan, electric control box, etc.

◆ Wet wood chip are fed at the feed inlet hole, and discharged at the dischaging hole. It is direct-type heated rotary dryers, hot gases move through the cylinder in direct contact with the wet wood chips, either with or against the direction of the wood chips' moving direction. The cylinder is equipped with lifting plates which lift the wood chips, and shower it up and down through the hot flue gas.

layout drawing of rotary wood chips dryer machine

Rotary Wood Chips Drier Advantages:

◆ Reasonable structure;

◆ High heat and drying efficiency;

◆ Low energe consumption; 

◆ Fast drying, large processing capacity;

◆ Environment friendly, stably working situation, etc. 

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Specification of Rotary Wood Chips Drying Machine:

Input Capacity (T/H)Input M.C.(%)Output M.C.(%)Dryer Motor (KW)Heat Consumption (Kcal/hour)



Capacity of Wood Chips Dryer :

Sunco Machinery can design and supply the Wood Chips Dryer Machine for the customers specially according to the information as follows:

01. Usual size (Length x Width x Thickness) (mm) of wood chips ?

02. Loosen bulk density (kg per cubic meter) of wet wood chips ?

03. Initial moisture content (%) of wet wood chips ?

04. Output moisture content (%) of dry wood chips needed ?

05. Input Capacity (ton per hour) needed ?

06. Prefered fuel such as waste wood, coal, diesel, or natural gas, etc ?

07. Other special requirements if have ?

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